EW Validation Programs

This page makes available some EW validation software.

The IGC requires that manufacturers of approved loggers provide software to check that .IGC files produced by their loggers have not been tampered with since upload. This is done by checking a digitial signature in security records ("G" records) at the end of the file. Originally loggers were required to be provided with a VALI-xxx.EXE program (where "xxx" is the manufacturer's three letter code) but now a dynamic link library (IGC-xxx.DLL) is required.

The .DLL versions of the validation programs cannot be run directly. Instead, they must be loaded and called by another program such as a competition scoring system. The IGC has produced a little Microsoft Windows program (IGCshell.exe) to call these .DLLs.

When the EW models A, B, C and D were produced there was only a VALI-EWA.EXE program.

To support the introduction of the EW microRecorder there is now a IGC-EWA.DLL which provides validation for IGC files from both the microRecorders and the older loggers.

The specification of the interface to the IGC-xxx.DLLs also allows for functions like transfer of logfiles from the logger and conversion from the logger's native file format to .IGC. The microRecorder uses the .IGC file as its native file format and allows simple transfer using drag and drop via the USB interface so these functions are not provided in this .DLL.

IGC-EWA.DLL and IGCshell.exe are available separately from the IGC Free Software page and collected together in a .ZIP file from the EW Avionics Software page.

For convenience of command line operation (e.g., in batch files or for activation from the Windows Explorer right click menu) there is also a VALI-EWA32.EXE program. This is a 32-bit program so it is not technically a replacement for VALI-EWA.EXE but on all 32-bit versions of Windows should operate in the same manner.

Only the IGC-EWA.DLL file is now provided on the IGC web page. Here are the other programs. If you only want to deal with EW loggers and you are happy using the command line you will probably find these more convenient.

Program Version Applicable Loggers Environments
  • A, B, C or D
  • microRecorder
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or later
  • Linux under Wine
VALI-EWA.exe 0347A
  • A, B, C or D
  • MS-DOS
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or later

Linux: This program and the IGCshell.exe/IGC-EWA.dll combination appear to work under Linux but are not officially supported in that environment. If you have any problems running them this way please let me know, though.