EW Windows Uploader

EW Windows Uploader can be used to upload traces from the any of the current EW Avionics English-language loggers. These are the models A, B, C and D barographs and loggers designed for gliding and general aviation use and the model E logger designed for road and marine use. It can also be used to set various parameters on the model D and E loggers including the user number, sample interval and flight declaration details.

EW Windows Uploader runs on 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows. That is, on Windows 95 and later and on Windows NT 4.0 and later.

Unlike previous software from EW Avionics used for trace upload, EW Windows Uploader does not perform any display or analysis of the trace contents. It also cannot store the trace in the .EWT format required by EWView/DOS and often used with EWView/3. EW Windows Uploader only stores traces in the ".IGC" format defined by the International Gliding Commission of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

This page exists to allow versions of the software to be disseminated for testing purposes. As official production versions become available they will be published on the EW Avionics web site.

Note regarding the default directory chosen for the Save As dialog box, added 2003-05-20, updated 2003-05-29.

The versions available are listed below, most recent first. Currently, version 1.5 (1138A) is recommended for production use by all users. However, if 0330A or 0523X work well enough for you and you don't want to download declarations from external software (e.g., TaskNav) there's no particular advantage to changing.

Note, the need for the use of the -xr command line switch or setting the Enable RTS Handshake check box in the Open Port dialog box if you are using a lead wired for RTS handshaking. Typically leads are wired for DTR handshaking (so these options are not required) but some may have been wired for RTS handshake for use by EWView/DOS when run under Microsoft Windows. There are more details in the release notes and separate handshaking page.

Description Files
1138A 1.5

Fixes for two problems with the declaration-setting-from-external-software process introduced in version 1019A:

1) Only merge in the declaration information from the external software on initial logger connection; not on subsequent uploads of the logger configuration during a connection. This allows any changes made in the settings dialog box (such as setting the declared date of flight) to be properly reflected in the read-back data.

Note that if the logger is switched off or disconnected and then reconnected the externally specified settings will be merged in again.

2) Correctly merges all of the data if two separate declarations sources are specified on the command line with the first being for the full declaration (-xd) and the second only for the task (-xr). Version 1019A only merged in the amount of information specified for the second file (i.e., just the task).

Installation as per version 1019A, i.e., install an older version then overwrite the .EXE with the one for this version.

The .zip file contains the .exe file and the help text. It's a bit smaller to download and, for those who might be having problems with corporate firewalls blocking .exe files, it's encrypted. The password is 'notron'.

EW Windows Uploader.exe
EW Windows Uploader.zip
Help Text
1019A 1.4

Addition of support for setting declarations in EW Model D Flight Recorders from other software.

Also, addition of command line and graphical user interface control over operation of the RTS (Request To Send) serial port control signal to allow a single version to work with upload leads wired for RTS handshake and operation with USB-to-serial adapters which incorrectly implement RTS handshake (but not both at the same time.

Both of these changes and some more minor ones are described in the release notes. More detailed description of the RTS operation is available in EW Logger Models A to D Hardware Handshaking.

Sorry, there isn't an installer (or updated help text) for this version yet: please install a previous version then overwrite the installed .exe file as described at the end of the release notes.

EW Windows Uploader.exe
Release Notes
0523X 1.3 Alpha 2

Experimental version with a code change intended to work around problems with some USB-to-serial adapters, but which breaks use of the RTS line for handshaking.

I'd be really pleased to get feedback on whether or not this version actually helps with USB problems.

This version still has not had systematic testing with the model Ds noted below for the Alpha 1 version. However, that version has been in widespread use for nearly a year now and no problems have been reported as far as I know.

Help Text
0428A 1.3 Alpha 1

Test version adding support for the EW Model E (road and sailing) logger.

Note: This version has not yet been tested with the gliding loggers - code for the Model D in particular might have been affected by the code changes for the Model E.

Help Text
0330A 1.2

Previous versions of EW Windows Uploader allowed declarations to be made with waypoint names containing lower case letters. These are not allowed by EWView/DOS and previous versions of EW Windows Uploader didn't allow them to be uploaded. This could be a serious problem resulting in the loss of a trace, though EWView/3 can be used to upload traces containing lower case waypoint names.

For compatibility with EWView/DOS and to comply with the EW Model D Flight Recorder documentation this version of EW Windows Uploader forces waypoint names to upper case before sending them to the logger. For compatibility with previous versions of EW Windows Uploader and (possibly for compatibility with EWView/3) this version allows traces to be uploaded with lower case waypoint names - a warning is issued instead of an error.

Reporting and tidy up from errors detected in the format of traces uploaded from the logger is also improved in this version.

Reporting of errors detected in the command line is also improved (by displaying the token in which the error was detected) and the Help text now describes the need to quote directory names containing spaces.

Help Text
0322A 1.1 Beta 1

Adds command line switches to allow better operation under programs acting as a "shell" such as TaskNav.

Adds a command line switch to allow creation of .IGC files with positions which are not determined to be relative to the WGS 84 datum.

Also, adds a facility to log bytes sent to or received from serial ports.

Files withdrawn.
0305A 1.0

Corrects a potential synchonization problem which affected related software.

Adds a Help menu with access to contents of help text and an "about" box.

Drops support for the model 'F' (French) loggers. The code to handle them is still in place but has not been tested.

Minor editorial changes to the help text plus addition of a page on the wiring required for leads.

Help Text
0250A 1.0 Beta 2

Adds hardware handshake to control uploads from models A, B, C and F loggers (including a workaround for a Windows bug). Both the DTR and RTS signals are controlled. Connect either (but not both) to pin 8, CTS, on the logger. Existing EW upload leads wired for DTR (the default) or RTS (as is sometimes used for uploads to EWView/DOS when running under Microsoft Windows) should all work. This handshake does no good for the model D but it also does no harm.

Corrects the way in which COM ports are opened to work with COM10, COM11 and COM12.

Minor editorial changes to the help text.

Files withdrawn.
0245B 1.0 Beta 1 First version made available for testing. Believed correct and complete except that help text is only available from the Windows Start menu and there is no About box. Files withdrawn.