EW Avionics - Supplementary Information


This page references information regarding the EWView/DOS and EW Windows Uploader programs which is not guarenteed in any way by EW Avionics but which may never-the-less be of use or interest to people using the software, particularly to those writing programs to be used in conjunction with EWView/DOS.

EW Windows Uploader

EW Windows Uploader is a 32-bit Windows program used to upload traces from EW models A, B, C and D barographs and flight recorders in the .IGC file format described below.

Validation Software

Validation software provided as an alternative to the IGC-EWA.DLL file available on the IGC web site.

IGC File Format

EWView/DOS provides the ability to export traces in the .IGC format defined by the International Gliding Commission - part of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. This trace export function is supported for FAI Sporting Code purposes.

These documents describes the subset of the .IGC format which is actually produced by the EWView programs:

EW Avionics IGC File Format: A general definition of the format of the .IGC files produced.

EW Avionics IGC File Format - REX Code Interpretation: Details of the interpretation of the manufacturer specific fields of the 'B' records in the .IGC file.

EW Avionics IGC File Format - Character Mappings: Details of the way in which characters in the EW file formats which do not have equivalents in the subset of ASCII allowed in IGC files are represented.

EW Model 'A' Through 'D' Documentation

EW Barograph & Logger Models A, B and C - Notes: Some miscellaneous notes about these barograph and logger models which could be useful to anybody wishing to write an uploader for them.

EW Model "D" Flight Recorder: A description of the protocol used to communicate with the EW Model "D" Flight Recorder, including the format of traces stored in memory which are transferred on upload. It is intended for anybody who wants to write software to communicate with the EW Model "D" - for example, to upload traces or to set up the logger before a flight with the sample interval, date and time, user number, pilot and glider details and/or flight declaration.

EW Logger Models A to D Hardware Handshaking: The behaviour of the earlier EW loggers, EWView/DOS and EW Windows Uploader particularly relating to flow control of the character stream from the logger to the computer during upload operations.

Other Software

MapComp: Compiler for the background maps used by EWView/DOS.

Log2EWT: Converter from textual output from a model A, B or C logger stored in a file to the .EWT format used by EWView/DOS.