Ed Davies's Contact Information

Main E-Mail Address


To avoid your message being accidentally taken for spam please put some meaningful words in the subject text to catch my attention. A message with a blank subject or text like "Hi" or whatever is not likely to get read.


I have the usual landline and mobile numbers but I'm not putting them here. Ask if it would be useful.

Though it has a normal area code, the landline number is actually a VoIP number and I have a couple of sip: addresses. A bit like Skype but not Skype. Again, ask if you're into that sort of thing but more discussion in this blog post.


In the Fediverse (on Mastodon) as @edavies@functional.cafe and @edavies@mastodon.scot.

I was originally on octodon.social (from 2017) but moved my main use to functional.cafe in 2022-Nov because Octodon blocked or muted various instances in ways that got in the way of my normal use.


For the purposes of the Semantic Web I intend to name myself http://edavies.me.uk/#ed. Must get round to marking up this page with RDFa and adding an appropriate rdfs:seeAlso link from the main index page here.


Apart from the usual SSL/TLS (e.g., HTTPS) and SSH stuff I don't use a lot of crypto, unfortunately. However, I do sign emails unless they have attachments and I think the combination of a signature and an attachment might freak out the recipient or their user agent.

So, if you get an email message purportedly from me which isn't signed then it's worth treating it with a bit of care.

My current key, as of late 2016 February, is a 3072-bit RSA one:

ID 0x53798481
Fingerprint 9253 3CA2 D4DD E4CD 9C65 2483 0071 582E 5379 8481

which should be available from the usual keyservers keys.openpgp.org. Still, here's the key in ASCII armoured form: edavies-pub-key.asc; if you use that then definitely check the fingerprint with me by another channel. You can also look at/use the WKD copy via keyoxide.org.

This replaces (and is signed by) my previous key from 2009:

ID 0xFE15D7CF Expired!
Fingerprint 6C2E 9D38 0F30 9D34 F2C3 82F3 E447 CE42 FE15 D7CF

Again, on the keyservers and as edavies-pub-key-2009.asc.

It expired in 2016 September and I haven't renewed it, and won't, but there's no real point in revoking it as such, at least for now. It's not compromised or anything (AFAIK!) and the security is still adequate for my purposes but with the combination of 1024-bit DSA with SHA1 signature hashes it looks like it might become a bit weak in the not-too-distant future.