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A Rant About Kilograms On Mars

The CACM have published a reasonably interesting article by Gerard J. Holzmann about verification of the software on the Curiosity Rover: Mars Code.

Near the beginning, though, it says:

On Earth, Curiosity weighed 900 kg. It weighs no more than 337.5 kg on Mars because Mars is smaller than Earth.



Heatloss Calculation

My house designer is, understandably, a bit concerned about how he'll put the rather unconventional heating arrangements for my house into the SAP software. The other day we were discussing the emitters (radiators) involved and talked briefly about the size that would be required if we were to ignore the heat leakage from the thermal store which should in practice supply a lot of the background heat needed.

To get a grip on this myself I decided to update my heat loss calculations to the slightly evolved design of the house and to allow for the regulatory requirement that the emitters should be sufficient to keep one apartment at 21 °C and the rest of the dwelling at 18 °C.


SketchUp Components and Groups

Just over a year ago I posted Components and Layers in Google SketchUp. This is something of an update to that.


Bye Bye, Skype

I've cleared out my Skype account and will not be using it further. There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to delete the account otherwise I'd have done that, too. Here's why…


Components and Layers in Google SketchUp

I've been doing some redrawing of my house designs in Google SketchUp. SketchUp is generally pretty well thought out and impressively clever at working out what you want it to do except the odd occasions it isn't at which point it can become seriously frustrating. Here's something which has a simple explanation which took me a while to figure out.


Crossover Cables and Red Tape

The other day Akkana Peck wrote about using a crossover cable to her Raspberry Pi. All good stuff but there are a couple of points worth adding.


Node Version 6 on the Pogoplug

Dear Future Self and Anybody Else Who Cares,

Here's a method which works for me to compile Node.js version 0.6.2 to run on a Pogoplug (ARM-based low-power server) running Debian Squeeze (6.0.2).


Wifi Oddity

The other day I built a Nanode so needed to re-jig my network wiring to be able to test it conveniently on the workbench in my office. In the process I needed to reset my Wifi router (forgot the admin password - oops). After that I found my laptop was horribly slow communicating with the big wide Internet.


SSH Access To A Pogoplug


The other day I bought a Pogoplug to use as an always-on home server. I had no intention of using the official software at all but rather planned to install Debian GNU/Linux immediately. In the process I found a little gotcha not mentioned in the otherwise-excellent instructions (alternative) I was following, quite possibly because it's new behaviour implemented since those were written.


EW Windows Uploader use of USB-to-serial adapters under Linux

Somebody asked me about using EW Windows Uploader with a USB-to-serial adapter when running under Linux (with Wine presumably). My reply might be of sufficient interest to others to be worth posting most of it here.