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Offgrid Fridges

The other day I was asked what I'd be doing about running a fridge off-grid. This was once an interesting question but it's not so much now though the explanation of why is sufficiently involved that I felt the others present might have been less than completely enthralled so I just said “plug it in”. Here's the longer answer.


Perihelion Review

Another wet and windy day so I've just been doing a little review of where the time's gone on this here house build and thought it'd make a useful reference.


Laser Level Calibration Check

This evening I went up to the site for the first calm dry evening for a while to use my laser level to mark up the position of the centre stud for the east gable. While there I did a check of the level's idea of horizontal.


West Gable

It's a windy sunny day and I'm out of jobs to do on windy days so it seems like a good time for an update.


Gable Start

Still here. Finished the sarking under the floor. Started on the west gable.


Bedroom Sarking

In my previous post I'd done the joists for the living room, study and main bedroom and started on the sarking boards under the living room.

Since then I've finished off the living room sarking boards and done the study and main bedroom.


Some Flooring

So far since the local builders finished with the sarking there's been snow, horrible east winds, me having a couple of short but nasty colds and a bit of chasing the scaffolders to take their scaffolding away but also a bit of progress, mostly on the house floor.



As I said at the end of my last but one house post, I'd engaged some local builders to put on the sarking boards and membrane.


Last Rafters

Got the last batch (of 8) rafters up today.


Still Rafters

Still putting up rafters.