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Life, the universe and everything

Tonga Eruption Detection

Volcanic eruption detected in Dunbeath!



Dunno, maybe I've got Covid.


Miscellaneous Eye Candy

Some miscellaneous pictures which don't fit anywhere else.


Haar, Deer and Pheasants

There are usually pheasants round the house I'm renting, my and my neighbour's garden are pretty much their home patch, so it wasn't at all surprising to see a male and female sheltering from the haar and drizzle outside the kitchen window while I was making dinner. When I came to put the plate in to soak, though, there was also a deer there.



When I arrived on site on the other Sunday morning (23rd of May) I noticed a deer grazing in middle of my land, to the north of my house site. That's not particularly special, I see one around there or in other parts of the land every few weeks. Normally when they realise that I'm not just more traffic on the road they jump the fence and disappear off into one of my neighbours' fields.



Last night, while doing the washing up I glanced up to notice that I was being watched. It (she, I assume) was clearly quite aware that I was there but didn't seem overly bothered.



Bit too breezy today for me to be happy getting my scaffold tower out so I popped over to Thurso for some 30mm galvanised twist nails and general shopping then took some photos on the way home.



I don't much like telephones. They're great for “operational” use for updating when you're already expecting visitors, deliveries or whatever. They're also great for chatting (particularly with video), again when you're expecting a call because you've just escalated from chatting on a text medium or whatever.

What I don't like are calls (incoming or outgoing) when you're not expecting things and are put on the spot to make decisions. And they're totally infuriating for transferring data (e.g., giving an address or directions). And the lack of a record is a serious impediment (though I suspect some people see that as a plus, but maybe they have better memory than me).

I don't hate telephones as much as James Fisher does but I can definitely recognise where he's coming from.

So, it's a bit surprising how many telephone numbers I have.



The Scottish government are doing a consultation on introducing e-voting. Ironically, replying to the consultation seems to require proprietary software of some sort (direct filling in of PDF forms in the browser) which my fairly standard Firefox on Ubuntu doesn't seem to manage. Silly really when it's quite simple to do the whole thing in straightforward HTML.

Anyway, the Open Rights Group have a good article on some problems with e-voting. I'd like to point out another one.


Primary vs Final Energy

Here's a correction to my previous Is PV Enough? post.