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Daily trivia of even less consequence

Scaffold Sheeting

Having got the remainder of the main frame done but obviously having insufficient time to do any roofing the thought occurred to me that the wood might get a bit damp at times during the winter.


Post Post

It's well past time to catch up on the last bit of 2016's building progress. Let's start with a blog post about a timber post.

My last blog post finished with the finally-sourced appropriate replacement for the split post having its bottom end appropriately slotted and drilled. The actual post replacement operation turned out to be a bit complicated, too.



As I mentioned in my previous house post, things had been going slowly and haven't sped up since.


Frame Up

It's been slow going but now most of the post-and-beam frame is up.


Last Post

There's been some nice weather and some not-so-nice weather. The bad weather hasn't been terrible - just finely judged to slow things down with the minimum amount of effort with days of drizzly showers and winds just high enough to make lifting purlins be not really sensible.


Transit of Mercury

I ended my previous blog post with “Looks like wind and/or rain (mostly “and”) till Friday now. We'll see.” We saw; it was. Though it dried up as the week went on it was windy until Friday, but things have been a bit better for the last few days - particularly today (Monday) for the transit of Mercury.


First Purlin Up

I've now got the first purlin up which is pleasing as it was something which was worrying me a bit. I had various schemes but wasn't sure what would actually be practical.


4th, 5th and 6th Frames

The last week or so has been quite wet and windy (usually both) and I only managed to get the three tie beams for the next frames done, each on a separate day. Yesterday (Tuesday), though, was much better and I got the joist holes drilled in the posts for the last three frames and the frames put up.


An Epiphany and Two Flat Bottoms

TIL that the backing plates for my post-top purlin joins aren't quite a symmetric as I'd assumed.


One Forward

As expected, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were washed out. Thursday was a little better and I made up a more robust gin pole then today got that frame up.