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2 Forward, 1 Back

As previously reported the first frame went up easily enough. So did the second. The third, not so much.


First Frame Up

Having put all the available main posts up and marked laser level points on each the next job is to take them down again, drill holes for the joists to bolt on, fit the steel brackets and the tie beams between north/south pairs (across the house) and stand them back up again.


Start of Building Season

I've not wanted to start on building too early this year partly because of a minor eye operation in mid-February and the ensuing recovery time from that - they said to avoid bending down to lift things and dusty environments which rather narrows down the amount of shifting and circular sawing of 3 metre long 145 mm square posts one wants to do.

Also, I didn't want to be getting the timber out of the container until the days were long enough and the weather had at least a chance of being decent for a few days at a time that I would want to leave it out. Every time I move it there's the risk of adding further minor dings on the corners, etc, which, while of no structural significance, makes things untidy and potentially more awkward later.


Sunny Thurso


Met some friends for coffee by the river mouth in Thurso this morning then went for a little walk along the beach with their pug. It wasn't foggy. Or windy. Or cloudy. Or wet. The sun was bright (though, of course, low) and the air was (relatively) warm at about 13 or 14 °C.


Frame Bits

As forecast, this week has been quite a bit drier than last though gloomy with a lot of haar early on and pretty breezy later. After a bit of reorganization of stuff in the container I got on with making up a bit of the purlin frame.


Testing The Drill Stand

It's been a damp and chilly week with drizzle most of most days so not a lot has happened. On Thursday I went to Inverness and got various odds and ends - most usefully some welding cable, connectors and croc clips to make up a better connection from the van to the inverter allowing the inverter to work in the container - much safer if it comes on to rain.

Today (Saturday) was a bit better but still with a chilly northerly wind.



As mentioned things are not going quickly and the weather has not been helpful so it's become pretty obvious that it wouldn't make sense to try to get any structure up permanently before the weather gets cold, wet and, most importantly, windy. Meanwhile, all my timber was looking very sad in the wet, whether I covered it up or not and however carefully I tried to make sure it was well ventilated. It's difficult not to get holes in a tarpaulin if you keep taking it on and off wood with corners in stiff breezes.

Therefore, I decided to get a shipping container on site in addition to the one I'm renting for storage.


Boring Problems

I've been making some progress on the house but it's all been painfully slow. The main problem has been with boring holes through the largish bits of timber with sufficient accuracy to match up with the existing steel work for reasons I've discussed previously.

The summer having been abnormally wet, with only a handful of days with no rain at all, somewhat chilly and quite windy hasn't been exactly helpful, either. On the other hand, there have only been a few days where it's rained all day meaning nothing could be done. At least the wind has kept the midges down most of the time.


Cutting Timber

Having faffed around a bit on Monday in not such good weather I made some useful progress cutting posts and beams to length for the remaining four days of the week.



Well that was an epic bit of ill-preparation and marginal weather but I did get to see something and take a few piccies.