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Bolted To Scotland

Well, strictly, bolted to concrete but that's resting fairly firmly on Scotland so why waste a good phrase on such pedantry? That's the post-base brackets on which the house will sit which were bolted down by the builder (with some help and a little hinderance from me) yesterday and this morning.


2015: The First Sixth

So far this year has not gone too well. In my previous post I ended last year with the steel brackets for the house stashed away in my shipping container and reasonable hope that, weather permitting, construction would start early this year.


House Progress Report

Hmmm, better have an update on how things are going with the house before the date clicks over the next higher digit.



I can now drive on to my land. Starting Wednesday last week the contractors (JW Sinclair) put in the entrance, track, and parking and turning space and cleared the topsoil down to clay for the house site.


Gorse and Willows

I'm busy waiting for the structural engineer to come back with design details and the roads department to issue a road opening permit so I can get the contractors in to make the entrance, access track and parking area to the north of the house.

In the mean time I've been mucking with vegetation a bit. Not the greatest use of my time but it at least gives the feeling of getting stuff done which is better than getting frustrated at the rate the year's slipping by.


Some Views Out Of The Window

A few pictures looking out of the window.


Site Piccies

As noted previously I've bought some Scotland. It's about time I showed it off a bit.


Bought Some Scotland

The last full week in September was quite a good one from the point of view of my house build project.


Five Months!

Bleedin' 'el - it's been five months since I last posted about this here plot purchase.


Dunbeath Pictures

While I've been in limbo (there's light at the end of that tunnel) I've been renting a static caravan for the winter in Dunbeath, about 8 km SW of the prospective plot. I've, unfortunately, not got a lot of exercise this winter but when I have it's mostly been walks round this area on sunny days. Here are a few pictures from last autumn and the last week or two.