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Daily trivia of even less consequence


Dunno, maybe I've got Covid.


North Roof Done

Finally, I've finished the north roof.


North Roof

As previously mentioned I've been interleaving work on the north and south roofs, mostly as the wind indicated. I don't seem to have many pictures for the north roof but here's a quick summary anyway.


Miscellaneous Eye Candy

Some miscellaneous pictures which don't fit anywhere else.


Corrugated Roof Sheets Round Velux Windows

After I abandoned my first attempt at fitting the roof sheets under the south-roof Velux windows it took me most of September to come up with an alternative plan I was not too unhappy with.



September was mostly about how to do the roof sheeting round the Veluxes on the south roof.



I can get depressed any time but I do seem to have a tendency to do so more at the end of August and the beginning of September. I'm not sure why, really, but think it's at least partly a matter of accumulated sleep deficit caused by short nights. Last year it was hardly noticeable but this year it really clonked me on the back of the head.


First Roof Sheet Batch Up

23 of the first batch of 24 of the roof sheets are now up. The 24th, which was the bottom of the pile as delivered, was a bit scratched on the bottom so I've painted over the scratches and set it aside to eventually go on the porch/greenhouse roof.


Haar, Deer and Pheasants

There are usually pheasants round the house I'm renting, my and my neighbour's garden are pretty much their home patch, so it wasn't at all surprising to see a male and female sheltering from the haar and drizzle outside the kitchen window while I was making dinner. When I came to put the plate in to soak, though, there was also a deer there.


Twelve Roof Sheets Up

As expected at the end of my last blog post it was wet and windy for the next two days but since then it's been overall fairly reasonable and I've now got 12 of my initial batch of 24 roof sheets up.