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I've just posted this on the Wycombe Astronomical Society forum and thought I might as well put a copy here.

Saw aurora Sunday (February 23rd) and Thursday (27th) nights.


Updated House Sketch

The planning application is, at last, in. It's taken a while with toing-and-froing between me and the house designer being fairly slow. He's been working on this a couple of evenings a week and a few hours many Saturdays which is plenty of time to allocate to the actual work but this design has been a lot more interactive than many of his projects - if I leave something to think about overnight or whatever it can easily mean a few day's delay before the next cycle completes.

Christmas and New Year blew a big chunk of our time budget as well as we both went away at various times. We were one day short of four weeks between one of my messages to him and his response. Quite understandable in the circumstances but tedious, none the less.

My original plans have survived reasonably well but we've made a few tweaks.


What Hiatus?

It's widely supposed that temperatures over the last 16 years or so (since about 1998) have not risen, much. For example, a discussion of one such case: Global Warming Stopped in 1997, Yeah Right.

Yesterday Tamino published a blog post showing that actually, if anything, it's been generally warmer over this period than would be expected looking at a simple extrapolation of previous years: Global Temperature: the Post-1998 Surprise.

Of all pseudonymous bloggers, Tamino is one of the ones I'd trust most to be thorough and honest in presentation of a result like this. Still, there's always room for miscommunication and misunderstanding and this is, indeed, enough of a surprise to be worth some examination rather than just blind acceptance and repetition.


SketchUp Components and Groups

Just over a year ago I posted Components and Layers in Google SketchUp. This is something of an update to that.


Dehumidifier Arithmetic

The Navitron forum is having a discussion on dehumidifiers in which a few opinions are given and some numbers are produced but no arithmetic is used to connect these. Here goes…


Triple Glazing, Right?

Normally for a well-insulated house you'd think putting in triple glazing would be a bit of a no-brainer as the price penalty for 3G is getting smaller, even in the UK. However, for the roof windows required for an A-frame-type house things are a bit more marginal and it seems worth doing the arithmetic.


Resistance is Stainless

A couple of weeks ago Paul at the End Of The Road was wiring up some little bus bars using aluminium and M5 stainless bolts. I commented:


Some Views Out Of The Window

A few pictures looking out of the window.


Site Piccies

As noted previously I've bought some Scotland. It's about time I showed it off a bit.


Bought Some Scotland

The last full week in September was quite a good one from the point of view of my house build project.