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Twelve Roof Sheets Up

As expected at the end of my last blog post it was wet and windy for the next two days but since then it's been overall fairly reasonable and I've now got 12 of my initial batch of 24 roof sheets up.


Three More Roof Sheets Up

Since my last post I've got three more roof sheets up but not, unfortunately, one at the top of the roof. That doesn't sound a lot for a bit over a fortnight but the weather hasn't cooperated (being mostly windy) and I've made some progress on refining sheet-lifting techniques.


Two Roof Sheets Up

Today I put up the first two roof sheets. Some lessons were learned.


Temporary Porch/Greenhouse Deck

As previously mentioned, I ordered the first batch of 24 steel sheets for the roof on the 7th of April. They were delivered on the 18th of May (a few days short of 6 weeks, which seems to be par for the course for building materials these days).



When I arrived on site on the other Sunday morning (23rd of May) I noticed a deer grazing in middle of my land, to the north of my house site. That's not particularly special, I see one around there or in other parts of the land every few weeks. Normally when they realise that I'm not just more traffic on the road they jump the fence and disappear off into one of my neighbours' fields.


West Gable Upper

Since my last house-progress post I've finished off putting the tarpaulins on the roof, boarded the top of the west gable and ordered the first batch of steel for the roof.