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Last night, while doing the washing up I glanced up to notice that I was being watched. It (she, I assume) was clearly quite aware that I was there but didn't seem overly bothered.


Dark Theme

I've added a rudimentary dark colour scheme to this site for those who prefer the screen to be mostly dark.


Greenwich Mean Time

OK, explain this to me: WTF are programmers so bad at telling the time?


YouTube Feeds

At the beginning of 2019 I wrote about a little bookmarklet, Show All Feeds, which finds RSS and Atom feeds associated with web pages, blogs mostly.

A few months later I found out that YouTube has feeds for its users and channels. They're not linked or advertised but they can be composed knowing the user or channel identification so I added the ability to do that to the bookmarklet.


December, January and February

Unlike more southern bits of Britain, the northern part of Scotland hasn't had exceptional short-term quantities of wind or rain this winter but the wind and rain has been rather unrelenting; there have mostly been only a few isolated dry days.


October and November

After getting the roof membrane put on early in October I was fairly busy for the rest of the month running around with minor things. November has been distinctly quieter.


More Watertight

The house is now a lot less leaky than it was at the end of last week.


Kitchen Window Sash In

As I hoped, I got the kitchen window sash in today. It's big.


More Windows

I ruined the first attempted window for the south side of the main bedroom on June 15th. After that I was fairly depressed for about three weeks. Losing the not-entirely-cheap window was a bit of a setback but I was more bothered that the windows had already taken long enough so far but I thought I'd at least got fitting them sorted but apparently not and I wasn't really sure where it had gone wrong - whether I'd bent the hinge moving the sash around before trying to put it up or somehow while lifting it. Getting out of that state wasn't helped by not sleeping well for various reasons including hiccups and a bad back.

Since then I've got the bathroom window and the replacement for the damaged main bedroom window in and the remaining three windows to hand with the kitchen window sash ready to be installed on the next nice day, tomorrow I hope.


Web Key Directory Implementation

In the last few days I've seen a couple of write ups of implementations of Web Key Directory (for finding the public cryptographic key associated with an email address) so I thought it might be useful to describe mine.