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Gable Start

Still here. Finished the sarking under the floor. Started on the west gable.


Bedroom Sarking

In my previous post I'd done the joists for the living room, study and main bedroom and started on the sarking boards under the living room.

Since then I've finished off the living room sarking boards and done the study and main bedroom.


Some Flooring

So far since the local builders finished with the sarking there's been snow, horrible east winds, me having a couple of short but nasty colds and a bit of chasing the scaffolders to take their scaffolding away but also a bit of progress, mostly on the house floor.



The Scottish government are doing a consultation on introducing e-voting. Ironically, replying to the consultation seems to require proprietary software of some sort (direct filling in of PDF forms in the browser) which my fairly standard Firefox on Ubuntu doesn't seem to manage. Silly really when it's quite simple to do the whole thing in straightforward HTML.

Anyway, the Open Rights Group have a good article on some problems with e-voting. I'd like to point out another one.


Primary vs Final Energy

Here's a correction to my previous Is PV Enough? post.



As I said at the end of my last but one house post, I'd engaged some local builders to put on the sarking boards and membrane.



Glanced up from my desk to notice a somewhat larger than normal boat somewhat closer inshore than normal. As it looked mildly photogenic I got my telescope out (Celestron 80mm NexStar refractor - it's f/5 so 400 mm focal length) to play with using the camera on the back a bit more.


Raspberry Pi Setup

I have an “always-on” Raspberry Pi 3 which does logging of temperature, pressure, power use and so on readings from around the house and county.

I've had it just over a year and it's been running the version of Raspbian (the Debian Linux distribution modified for the Pi) that was current when I got it. The logging has been to flat files containing lines of JSON but recently I started switching to a Sqlite3 database but was having problems with the code running on the Pi which didn't happen on my laptop running Ubuntu 17.04. I strongly suspected the problem was the old version of Sqlite3 or Python3 in that Raspbian distribution so decided to upgrade to the latest Rasbian (2017-11-29, based on Debian 9 Stretch rather than the previous one which was based on Debian 8 Jessie).

During the installation on the new system I made notes of what I needed to do to get my code running. For my own future reference and maybe of help to others, here they are.


Last Rafters

Got the last batch (of 8) rafters up today.


Still Rafters

Still putting up rafters.