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As mentioned in the last blog post I had the idea of using photography to mark up where to cut the top end of the rafters. It seems to have worked, so far.



As forecast the weekend was pretty breezy. Today started much less so but the morning was wet. It dried up at lunch time so this afternoon I put up two rafters with the intention of marking the tops to cut for the ridge beam.


Rafter Beginnings

The first batch of 33 I-beams for the rafters were delivered last week (2017-06-07 Wednesday).


Is PV Enough?

Specifically, could photovoltaic panels alone provide all the energy needs of the human race.


Backing Plate

Having mostly sorted out the temporary decking for the loft area I then rather sank into depression for a fortnight or so. The next step was to order the I-beams for the rafters. I knew I was going to do it eventually but in my state of mind I couldn't bring myself to pay out the significant sum of money involved.

That's now done (last Friday) and I've also sorted out a small issue with the connectors from the rafters to the purlins with the structural engineer. I need to order those connectors and the timber for the blocking between the I-beams and for the ridge beam.

Meanwhile, today was a lovely day so I thought I'd sort out the one remaining item on the house itself which needs doing before the roof can go on.



Well, not quite a forest, yet, though I'd like there to be one eventually.



Up on the temporary loft deck, though only a metre or so higher than I've been used to it was quite apparent how much more could be seen into the folds in the ground, particularly in the direction of Lybster. It tempted me to take a few piccies.

These were from Star Wars day (4th of May).


Temporary Loft Deck

Some progress, but a bit slow. The main job has been putting some temporary flooring up for the main loft area to make doing the roof a bit easier and less scary.



Here are a few specks on the horizon from the beginning of April. Click to see larger versions.



Until the last few days the weather has been a bit mixed. There have been some lovely sunny days but they've been mostly too windy for me to tidy up the plastic sheeting left on the house so it wasn't until the end of last week that I got that all done.