2004-10-18: M31 and the Coat Hanger

A sketch of the position of the Andromeda Galaxy, M31, and the stars near it visible in my 15x30s. All of the stars in the field of view seemed to be below the galaxy. 20:00Z (21:00 BST).


At this time square of Pegasus and the main chains of stars in Andromeda more-or-less define my eastern horizon because of the presence of high trees.

Another sketch, also through my 15x70s, made a few minutes later of Collinder 399, aka as Brocchi's Cluster or The Coat Hanger.

Collinder 399

As I was making this sketch a satellite flew through my field of view. I didn't have a time keeping device on me so dashed into the kitchen dropping my pencil and nearly tripping over a cat to get a rough hack by averaging my two rather inaccurate central heating timers - giving a rough time of 20:11Z.

Later, using Heavens-Above I found that this was, pretty much certainly, the Cosmos 1833 Rocket which actually went by a minute or two earlier than this.