2004-06-08: Transit of Venus

Here are some pictures from the June 2004 Transit of Venus taken in the grounds of Woodrow High House, Buckinghamshire, UK with members of Wycombe Astronomical Society. All pictures taken by the author on a Canon AE1 Program with a Tamron 35-70 zoom lens.

Members of the Society setting up first thing in the morning.

Group of people setting up telescopes

My alternative contraption, previously used for the 2003-05-07 Transit of Mercury

Binoculars mounted on front of cardboard box, whole combination set on camera mount

Two photographs taken looking into my contraption at or just after second contact. The sun is shown elliptically because of the oblique angle of the camera, of course.

Most of Sun, shown as an ellipse due to oblique viewpoint Limb of Sun with Mercury just attached

Transit in progress.

Venus well clear of the Sun's limb

The Society's 10" Meade LX-200, with Chris' webcam on the back feeding into his laptop with the results displayed using Jackie's projector.

Windows XP screen projected onto the wall with image of quarter Sun with sharp disc of Venus

The general scene at Woodrow later in the morning. The kids visiting Woodrow House came over for a look. A few people can be seen peering in through the observatory door at the projection shown above.

Line of observers with telescopes, etc, outside the Chiltern Observatory

My contraption with another, put together by Linda's husband, which used a small diameter, long focus, telescope to project into the bottom of a cute little tiger bin (to create shade).

My binocular projector plus another using a long thin telescope Bin with a tiger on the outside used to shade screen for projected image

Third contact.

Venus just touching the Sun's limb

Venus leaving the Sun. By this time the inclination was quite high so my contraption was getting a bit wobbly. Also, the breeze had picked up. Consequently, a steadying hand was useful for photography.

Venus about half way out of the Sub