Quick Roof Update

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

I'm still van & carless and the weather's been very mixed so there's not been a lot of progress on the roof consequently I haven't got round to taking photos recently. Here's the south roof on August 13th.

Since then I've only put up two more sheets.

Prepared on August 17th and put up on the 22nd was the next top-row sheet (SO3) where the upper ramp is in this picture.

Planned on August 31st and drilled and put on September 1st was the middle-row sheet immediately to the right of the small bedroom window (GA2) under and left of the where the main ramp is shown. It overlaps its neighbours to the right and below and will be overlapped by the right hand of the two short sheets above the window so much that the actual area uniquely covered by this ~1 metre x 2.8 metre sheet is only about 300 x 400 mm needing careful planning to put in the screws only where it won't be overlapped.