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The replacement batch of roof sheets were delivered on Friday the 24th of June (I assume). I've put six of them up since. I've also done a bit inside the house but that's better in a separate post.

I found the new sheets when I arrived on site on Saturday the 25th. That day was a bit too breezy to put any up so I just separated them into stacks for the different lengths. They're awkward enough to move anyway but needing to keep them flat in the wind meant this took a little while.

I put the two short sheets under the kitchen window up on Monday the 27th…

…then replaced the battens between that window and the bathroom window to its west and added the Velux flashings on Thursday.

On Friday I put up the sheet immediately to the right of that window. In this case the sheet overlapped hugely with the sheet to its right as these are the closest pair of windows in the row so a bit of a waste of steel, in a way. Approaching rain stopped me doing anything else that day.

The weekend was wet and windy but Monday might have been possible in the afternoon after a bit of rain in the morning but I felt like I was going down with a cold so decided to stay in. This was one of the few otherwise usable days I've missed.

Tuesday (5th of July) was breezy in the morning but expected to drop later in the afternoon so I didn't rush out. I'm never there early but that day didn't arrive till about midday with the idea of measuring for the sheets right and above and above and right of the kitchen window, getting them drilled then maybe putting one up if and when the wind dropped. Actually, the wind dropped noticeably even in the time I was chatting with my neighbour on arrival so I got both those sheets up just in time, running into rain as I drove home about 19:30.

Unfortunately, those two sheets are skewed to the right at the top a bit which left another nasty join with the top sheet above them which I did yesterday.

Oh well, with a bit of goop squirted up them they'll be watertight enough and the PV panels will cover them anyway.