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As previously noted while waiting for weather and roof sheets I've been doing the loft over the main bedroom.

The reasons for picking this job is that most of the expensive materials were already to hand, that end of the house was dry and that it would give somewhere to put some of the other stuff which is cluttering up the house and will need to be got out of the way before building control can have a look and decide whether or not I should get on with the insulation.

Carrying on from the previous discussion, all the joists up with the dwangs (noggins) fitted between them:

By the manufacturer's span tables I could have put these joists on 600 mm centres but I had enough in hand to put them on 400 mm. Technically, the dwangs aren't needed but, again, I had a slightly warped beam for which they felt like a good use. Since the dwangs weren't structurally needed I didn't bother with blocking for them, just screwed them top and bottom at each end.

22 mm chipboard floor sheets stacked at the other end of the house.

Something that surprised me when the sheets were delivered was how heavy they were. An 18 mm sheet of OSB is easy to carry for weight, just awkward for width and windage, and I expected these sheets to be maybe similar weight being the same length, half as wide and a bit thicker and, presumably, a bit denser. Evidently, they're a lot denser.

My plan was to lean a sheet against the lower bit of scaffold tower…

…lift it from the floor onto the lower part of the scaffolding then the rest of the way up on to the loft joists from the upper part of the scaffolding but in practice I found that, reaching out at arm's length with one arm, this was beyond me. I tried pushing a sheet up from standing on the floor to over centre on then beam above which worked but it slid down quicker than it flopped to level (leaving a bit of a dent in the end of that sheet where it impacted on one of the ground-floor joists).

So, instead, I wrapped one of my lifting strops round the beam and used a long bar clamp to lift it up so it would flop on to the loft safely.

First sheet up and clamped temporarily a little out of the way giving something work from, second sheet up and ready to be glued and screwed in place:

Mostly done except for the small sheet on the second-to-last row and all of the last row:

Done from underneath:

It does make it look quite dark up there: