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After having spent the second half of December at home busy recovering from Covid or whatever it was, I've more-or-less continued the theme this year. So far I've only been out six times.

In the first half of the month the days were too short to consider trying to put up another roof sheet even when it was calm and dry enough to make that practical, particularly because the next sheet to go up was the one at the top of the south roof, above the main bedroom window, which would be a bit awkward.

I went shopping on Friday the 7th then woke on Saturday the 8th to find the power had gone out around 04:30 which left me pretty much dead in the water with no heating, cooking, computing or anything. I hung around for a while to see if it'd come back reasonably quickly but when it didn't went to my site to get my generator then to Wick for another can and some more petrol. Pity, would have saved 40 miles driving if I'd known to combine that with the previous day's shopping trip.

Got home, set up the generator and got everything running: central heating, lights, computers, networks, etc, but, obviously, a 1200 W generator isn't going to help much towards a cup of coffee. The power came back on about half an hour later just before 14:00.

On Monday the 17th I got the roof sheet up above the bedroom window. As expected, it took quite a while. The scheme was to have it on two sets of ropes: a pair to lift it straight up the roof in the usual manner to the left of the window and a single rope above the window to support it as I slid it across. This involved a lot of running up and down the roof ladder to push the sheet across a bit, loosen one lot of ropes and tighten the other, etc. I got it in place and secure enough for the next few day's predicted wind soon enough that I was only packing away on the ground by the time it was dark enough that a head torch was useful.

At the end of the day my back was a bit sore without having had any particular “events” of sudden pain.

The next day (Tuesday) I went and put the last few screws on the side of that sheet I hadn't been able to reach with the ladder set up as I'd had it the previous day to make it fully secure then went over to my usual suppliers to see what the situation with the next batch of sheets was. As I drove into Thurso I saw their artic stopped in a lay by, thought “huh, bet my sheets are on that” so went off on another little errand before popping in. Indeed, when I arrived they had the paperwork for it immediately to hand. “Delivery Friday?”, “Yes.”

The next two days weren't much use, breezy with showers including some hail, but Friday was OK, though a bit dull, so I went to the site and sorted out the last two sheets from the previous batch. The bottom one was, as usual, a bit scratched underneath from being fork lifted so I painted a few little scratches in the front (my fault) and put it in the house to dry out to be painted properly. The other one I drilled for the final place at the top above the main bedroom.

As expected the next batch of sheets, which should cover the study and living room, arrived in the afternoon so I've got plenty to be getting on with now.

Again my back felt sore without any specific problems and has done so since though it's getting better. Generally it feels worse in the morning and gets better gradually during the day. I think it's a matter of it being still in a curved position for a while. I've tried sleeping on my back (can't) and sleeping on the floor (slept OK but didn't make any difference). If this goes on I'll need to see the doctor though lower-back problems like this are notorious for not being helped much.

08:33 on the 23rd. Sunrise was officially at 08:40 so quite a bit earlier than the latest sunrises at 09:07 at the end of December. Sunset is already just over an hour later than the earliest ones.