North Roof Done

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

Finally, I've finished the north roof.

I put the last sheet up on Sunday afternoon. By the time I'd finished it was a bit late to take a photograph, the owl flying past low-level seen by head torch was a bit of clue to this, so here's a picture from this afternoon.

I think the problems I had with the pilot holes for the top batten on that last top-right sheet being too low was just the accumulation of a number of small errors. Its replacement was almost too high. Funny really, as I haven't had much trouble with this on the first 56 sheets on that roof. A bit concerning, too, as it's the most exposed sheet but there are a lot of screws in it. For the end columns of sheets I'v put a screw in each ridge, rather than on alternating ridges for the rest of the roof.

There's the coloured plastic caps to go on the screw heads at some point but they can wait. I'll probably do them at the same time as fitting the ridge over the top to the south roof.