Miscellaneous Eye Candy

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Some miscellaneous pictures which don't fit anywhere else.

Two deer outside the kitchen window of the rental house on Sunday September 19th in the morning:

Clouds reflecting off the sea early afternoon of Wednesday October 6th. It's not often it's calm enough here for the sea to be that flat. The two dark dots on the horizon between the clouds are the main platforms (AD and AP) of the defunct Beatrice oil field. The white dot to the left of the left cloud is a wind turbine hub a few fields down the hill. The hills just about visible in the distance on the right hand edge of the picture are near Buckie on the north Moray coast.

Rainbow to the north east of my house. Dunno why that garage needed to charge me so much for welding the bottom of my van if they were getting that pot of gold.

House from the entrance on Sunday November 28th when I'd just arrived about 12:20. I didn't stop by the entrance when I pulled in but walked back up after I'd parked to check the post box and take this picture.

The Beatrice Offshore Wind farm just showing between bits of a snow shower out to sea to the east.

The Burn of Whilk onshore wind farm to the north east showing a bit more clearly.