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Dunno, maybe I've got Covid.

Since the beginning of December I've felt a bit fragile - like it wouldn't take much for me to go down with a cold or whatever. At first I just put it down to not sleeping too well.

Saturday, December 4th, was damp with a chilly, but not extremely cold, north wind so I just did a few small jobs on site in the afternoon but only stayed about an hour, leaving feeling quite miserable. Sunday would have been a good day to have had another go at putting that north-roof sheet up but I wasn't feeling great and I had two appointments for the following week, Tuesday for my Covid booster and Thursday for an optician's checkup, so I decided to stay in and keep warm rather than push my luck.

At the beginning of that week the forecast looked like the Tuesday and Thursday would be the best days but it didn't really turn out like that. Wednesday was storm “Barra”. On Thursday morning I popped by the site on the way to the opticians to see if there were any consequent problems. As expected there wasn't really though the tarps on the south roof are pretty much shredded after a summer's UV exposure. It was a still a bit breezier than the forecasts earlier in the week but would actually otherwise have been a pretty decent day.

On Friday I went to site and checked the measurements of the batten spacing for that sheet on the north roof, put the pulley and lifting ropes back up and did a few other minor jobs. It was too breezy to lift the replacement sheet but I had hoped to at least get it drilled and ready to go up but by the time I got to that I was feeling quite tired and it started to drizzle very slightly so I packed up.

Saturday was wet and a bit too breezy to consider any work on the roof. Sunday (December 12th) was better. Bright with a calm start with only a bit of breeze during the day and that from the south west so the north roof was reasonably protected. After a late, even by my standards, start I put up that last sheet on the north roof finishing off the last screws and packing up in the dark.

During the day, though, I started a bit of coughing.

Since then I've had a growly cough, slight sniffle with occasional sneeze, headache round the front of my head and just felt even more lethargic than usual. My neighbour at the rental house says there's been a lot of covid around here recently with the school having had particular trouble. Maybe I should go get a PCR test but it's difficult to see the point other than for curiosity and statistics as I was going to pretty much isolate over the next week or two anyway.

Monday was a bright day but with a chilly westerly wind. I did a few little jobs on site but mostly just sat in my van while airing the inside of the house.

I went to the site on Wednesday with the intention of tidying up the south roof tarps near where the next sheets are to go up and measuring the batten spacings and putting the ropes and pulleys up for those. Though it was quite nice there was a bit of a breeze so I just worked inside the house, dousing the timbers round the main bedroom window which have got wet with borax.

When I arrived I had a chat with my neighbour who stopped as he was passing on his tractor. I warned him that it was worth staying cross or upwind of me.

Yesterday and today are nice days but I really don't feel like going out. I spent yesterday reading about D while I could concentrate, alternating with watching YouTube videos for distraction.

Taking the start as Sunday December 12th that indicates isolation until after the 22nd at which point the whole country starts going into a isolation. Bugger. I suppose by the letter of the rules I could pop into the shops on the 23rd but they'll presumably be a) heaving and b) low on stocks so it doesn't seem overly sensible to cut things so finely.

I'll be a bit short of fresh fruit and veg but I'm otherwise well-enough stocked that leaving shopping till between Christmas and New Year won't be a problem. The only other place I planned to go was the optician's to pick up some office glasses with updated prescriptions. That'll have to wait till after the New Year now, I suppose.

Update 2021-12-24 Friday: It's worth adding that one reason I didn't get a PCR test was that I'd assumed all I had was a cold for a few days until I read that many people in London had the Omicron variant and were showing symptoms more like a cold than with previous variants. I went on line to see about booking a PCR test at the testing station in Wick but they said they wouldn't normally do tests more than three days after the start of symptoms. Not sure why but … shrug.

The symptoms persisted for most of the 10 days but by yesterday (23rd) they'd gone so I did a quick top-up shop in Tesco.

During the 10 days, though, every time I got even a bit chilly I started sneezing a bit. Though the symptoms were mild I really didn't want to provoke them into getting worse or extending beyond the isolation period so I stayed in and kept warm. Yeah, you guessed it, it was one of the calmest periods for wind this year:

Now I'm better it has, of course, got windier again. I only have three roof sheets in hand until the next batch arrives sometime in the new year but it would have been good to have got the last two above the main bedroom window up to start drying that area of the house out a bit better.