First Roof Sheet Batch Up

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23 of the first batch of 24 of the roof sheets are now up. The 24th, which was the bottom of the pile as delivered, was a bit scratched on the bottom so I've painted over the scratches and set it aside to eventually go on the porch/greenhouse roof.

July 05 Monday was wet and windy. The next day I prepared the next three sheets to go up: D3, E2 and F1 (in reverse order how they'd be put up so they'd be stacked to avoid unnecessary handling). While trying to decide if it was sensible to try to put up sheet F1 in the slightly gusty and changeable conditions I inflated my van tyres (the nearside two leak a bit and need some more air once a fortnight or so). I'd been keeping an eye on some wear on the outer edge of the front offside tyre and had noticed what looked like a scuff on the outside of the tyre but was bit startled to find it was worn down to the braid. I tried to swap it with the spare but couldn't move the bolts on the wheel in question then did my back in putting the spare back so Wednesday, which was a bit wet anyway, was spent on getting a new tyre.

Thursday was decent, though with a bit of drizzle in the afternoon, but I decided to give my back a rest and did what was probably a higher priority job anyway: ordering the next batch of roof sheets, and a few other errands.

That morning various things arrived by courier and in the post which I'd ordered the previous Sunday including 8mm nut-driver bits which make putting the screws in the roof sheets while reaching out at arm's length much easier and more reliable and another pair of polyester ropes which mean that I don't have to set up the ladder and climb to the top of the roof to swap between doing the two lower sheets and the top sheet to their left:

Here I'm setting up to lift the next bottom row sheet (F1) into the position where the bit of scaffold tower is (that'll be moved out of the way first) using the right hand pair of ropes which I'll also use for the sheet above and to its left (E2). The position of the pulley is a good-enough compromise for the positions of these two columns for the lower rows. The other pair of ropes, over the left-hand pulley, will be used for the following top sheet (D3).

Indeed, on Friday I put three sheets up (F1, E2, and D3), the only day I've managed to do that. My back was still not quite right, there was just enough ache to remind me to be careful and to squat or kneel rather than bend down but for this job, with the pilot holes already drilled, that wasn't too much of a delay.

Still, on Saturday I just put in two stitching screws I'd missed earlier and measured the batten spacing for the next lot of sheets before deciding my back was too sore to try to put another sheet or two up. So, overall the good news was that I'd put three sheets up in a day, the less good news that I'd only put three sheets up in a week.

Sunday was drizzly so a good opportunity to rest my back some more. Monday the 12th I put up sheets G1 and F2. I considered preparing the next top sheet (E3) but my back was warning me against leaning over too much so I left doing that and putting the sheet up until the following day.

On Wednesday the 14th I put up H1 and G2 and (a surprisingly time-consuming business) folded back the next lot of tarps to expose some roof for the next sheets.

On Thursday the 15th I did sheets F3 and I1 then Friday, Saturday and Sunday were wet and/or windy which at least gave a good rest so my back feels quite OK now.

Yesterday (Monday the 19th) I had two sheets left stacked in the house to go up but found the top one in that pile which had been the bottom one in the stack as delivered to and from my usual timber merchants was scratched enough on the bottom that I didn't really want to put it on the house so I painted it with Hammerite direct-to-rust metal paint. There was actually little sign of rust but I don't doubt there would have been soon otherwise. It'll go on the porch/greenhouse eventually.

The other sheet was fine and I put it up in position H2. So that's now all of the first batch which are going on the house up:

While waiting for the next batch of roof sheets to arrive the project will be to figure out how these sort of sheets will go with the roof windows on the south roof and look into any water damage around those. There's at least one header (over the main bedroom window) which will need replacing.