Twelve Roof Sheets Up

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As expected at the end of my last blog post it was wet and windy for the next two days but since then it's been overall fairly reasonable and I've now got 12 of my initial batch of 24 roof sheets up.

The first job when the weather cheered up on June 26th Saturday was to chamfer off the bottom ends of the upper ramp and nail on some aluminium from cola cans to pick up the top edge of roof sheets sliding up.

First top sheet (A3) slid up over the ramp almost high enough.

Partly screwed into place with the bottom screws not tightened down yet so a bit of a gap showing.

The next day (Sunday) I got the next bottom and middle row sheets up (D1 and C2).

On Monday I prepped (drilled the pilot holes and attached the little lifting batten) the next top sheet (B3) but this one looked likely to be a pain to do and the forecast was for the wind to go round from southerly to easterly (so blowing across the face of the roof) so I chickened out of trying to lift it then and just undid and folded back some of the tarps which would otherwise be in the way for the following sheets. The wind did go round to easterly but not too strongly so actually I could have done it then.

Tuesday was a bit breezy and I was feeling a bit poorly so decided to just stay at home. Similarly on Wednesday it looked very grey and midgy in the morning and by the time it did brighten up it was too late to try lifting a roof sheet which might be very awkward.

The problem with the top sheet (B3) is that the sheet below it (B2) is a bit skew. The bottom edge is fine but the top is about a quarter wavelength to the left of where it should be. I couldn't really reposition that sheet as I only realised once all the screws were in place and many would only move by a small amount leaving the battens holding them a bit swiss-cheese like. I didn't want to propagate the error along the roof so wanted the sheets above and to the right to be in their correct places.

I think I managed that on Thursday at the cost of one ugly join. Perhaps some squirty foam or something will be needed.

On Friday I put up the next two lower sheets (E1 and D2) though I didn't quite finish screwing D2 as the rain forecast for the evening arrived a little earlier than expected.

On Saturday I finished off screwing sheet D2 in place then prepped sheet C3 (the third top sheet) not expecting to be able to put it up as the wind was forecast to pick up. When I was ready, though, the wind was getting a bit gusty but still not too strong so I decided to stick my neck out and give it a try. Luckily it went up fairly easily and I got it sufficiently screwed in place before the wind did get significant that I was fairly happy putting the last screws in.

The roof as I left it last night. 5 sheets on the bottom row, 4 on the middle and 3 on the top.

For context, with the rest of the N roof shown.

Hmmm… a few more to do then.

As said, that's 12 of my first batch of 24 up. The whole roof will be 57 sheets (19 columns of 3) so I'll order another 36 next week, giving 3 spares in case of problems which can be used on the south roof if they're not needed.