An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

When I arrived on site on the other Sunday morning (23rd of May) I noticed a deer grazing in middle of my land, to the north of my house site. That's not particularly special, I see one around there or in other parts of the land every few weeks. Normally when they realise that I'm not just more traffic on the road they jump the fence and disappear off into one of my neighbours' fields.

Here's one (maybe the same one) from a few days before (Monday 17th of May) grazing then making its way east to jump the fence:

In this case, though, she set off north across my land. What was odd was that there seemed to be some sort of shadow following along in the grass. Only when they reached the drier ground towards the north end (where there was originally planning permission for another house) did I realise she had a fawn with her which was less tall than the reeds and grass on the wetter ground.

I've only got the stock 18-55 mm lens for my camera so, at that distance, they're not super obvious, to put it mildly, even on the medium-size image:

Here are the relevant pixels 1:1:

I hope I see them again some time soon.