More Tarps

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Since my last post I've put up the rest of the tarpaulins I have to hand and one of the ones already up has ripped in two, but that wasn't too unexpected.

On the Monday after that post I put some more screws in the top batten on the south-east top tarp which was lose. It was firmer but didn't seem to make much difference to its position. Without getting the scaffold tower up there it's awkward to see what's happening but it's not a problem for now.

The same day I prepared (stapled to its top batten) the second of the two large tarps I had to be the last one at the top on the north side of the roof but didn't try to put it up immediately as there were showers approaching but did it on the Wednesday.

That was entertaining for a while as I'd left a bit much slack in the ropes on the bottom corners and a gust flipped part of it over the ridge so that it was a tricky processes to work it back over without ripping it on the top corner.

Got it sorted eventually, though. And in portrait orientation, which is an improvement on the other large tarp on the south roof.

A few days after that I got another tarp attached, in landscape mode, across some of the bottom of the north roof.

On Thursday the following week (Feb 4th) it was pretty windy so I had a quick visit to the site to see how things were. Not surprisingly, the old black tarp I put up first which had already had a bit of a tear was split further (and has since split all the way). Overall, though, the things were behaving quite well.


It's nice to see that the roof is well ventilated under the tarps. I was very keen to avoid trapping water under there.

Apart from one visit to check on things it was too windy or snowy to work until yesterday when I patched two points in the big tarp on the north side and put up the last tarp I have to hand (a green one). I'd planned to put it over the top of the ripped black tarp but it was just about the right width with no margin for wrapping the edges for firm attachment so I put it along the bottom instead.

I'll have to get a bigger tarp to cover the black one and have a think about how to cover the remaining bits at the bottoms of the roofs.

The inside of the house is now a lot drier than it has been for a while. However, the recent weather hasn't been that good a test as, apart from some snow, it's not been very wet and the humidity between the snow falls has been very low. The strong winds have, no doubt, also helped with drying the house out and have been mostly easterly whereas I think it was when the wind was blowing more directly on to the roofs (north or south) that the rain penetrated the most.