December, January and February

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

Unlike more southern bits of Britain, the northern part of Scotland hasn't had exceptional short-term quantities of wind or rain this winter but the wind and rain has been rather unrelenting; there have mostly been only a few isolated dry days.

At least it hasn't been very cold and there's only been trivial amounts of snow lying for odd days.

My previous post finished with me putting the “bib” on the kitchen window at the beginning of December. I got the last of those, on the study window, done in the middle of the month.

The next jobs were finishing off taping up round the windows and starting on cladding the gable ends. It was never dry for long enough to do the taping (the Tyvek tape I'm using is very good but needs to go on dry) or to get going on the gables.

There was nearly a week of dry days at the end of January but my left eye was aching for the first four which made me worry about complications from a previous issue with that so wanted to keep it all as comfy as possible. By the time I was confident that wasn't a problem the dry spell was coming to a close, anyway.

Since the beginning of March things have improved significantly and I've slowly restarted work, though with fairly short days as it's still quite cold and I've realised that the plans I had in mind for the gable join to the rafters on the porch/greenhouse aren't quite as well thought through as I'd hoped.

Today was quite reasonable weather but I just had a quick trip to the site to measure up the position of the ring beam at the bottom of where those rafters will go.

The snow's still lingering not that high up the hills to the south west.