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I ruined the first attempted window for the south side of the main bedroom on June 15th. After that I was fairly depressed for about three weeks. Losing the not-entirely-cheap window was a bit of a setback but I was more bothered that the windows had already taken long enough so far but I thought I'd at least got fitting them sorted but apparently not and I wasn't really sure where it had gone wrong - whether I'd bent the hinge moving the sash around before trying to put it up or somehow while lifting it. Getting out of that state wasn't helped by not sleeping well for various reasons including hiccups and a bad back.

Since then I've got the bathroom window and the replacement for the damaged main bedroom window in and the remaining three windows to hand with the kitchen window sash ready to be installed on the next nice day, tomorrow I hope.

After my little depressive episode I then had a bit of a dither for a couple of days trying to decide whether to ask for quotes for all the remaining windows or just a few of them. For some reason the obvious solution of asking for two quotes hadn't occurred to me immediately but on Monday the 15th of July I asked my usual supplier for a quote for the two needed narrow windows (MK08, one top hung for the main bedroom and one centre-pivot for the bathroom) and another for the three wider windows (PK08, for the kitchen, living room and study).

The quotes arrived in the afternoon of Thursday 18th of July so the next day I went over and ordered the two narrow windows. They normally take a week or so to arrive but I expected the top-hung one to take a bit longer as it was a special order with weaker springs for my steep (60°) roof.

Accordingly, I rang them the following Friday (07-26) to see if there was any progress. Yes, the centre-pivot one was in but the top-hung special order one wasn't expected until August 13th.

I went over to collect the centre-pivot window (for the bathroom) only to find that it was damaged in their warehouse. It looked like it'd been clipped by a fork-lift. They immediately ordered a replacement: “so that'll be next Friday, I suppose”, “maybe earlier, have some faith in our logistics”.

The following Thursday I was in Wick anyway so took the long route home via Thurso to see if the replacement window was in. Nope, they'd just had a pallet from Velux and mine wasn't on it.

On Friday afternoon (08-02) I rang to ask if it was in: “yes, it arrived just after you left yesterday”. OK, so that was another 40 mile round trip to collect it.

It was pretty straightforward to fit over the following weekend (08-03/04), cutting the hole and fitting the frame on Saturday and fitting the sash on Sunday.

Top-hung small-bedroom window on right and centre-pivot bathroom window on the left from the inside:

…and from the outside:

I was a bit relieved how smoothly this window went after the previous problems. On Monday I did some more tidying up for that window then on Tuesday (08-06) I went over to order the last three wider windows (and some battens for the gable walls).

In the afternoon I got a call from the manager to say that my window was in. It was difficult to hear him and I was a bit confused by the product number he mentioned but said I'd go over to collect it. The following day (Wednesday) I picked up my van from some repairs needed for the MoT and went to Thurso only to find the window he was talking about was the one I'd collected the previous Friday; not, as I'd hoped, the special order window for the main bedroom arriving early.

For the next few days I fiddled around with various jobs including nailing the tops of the brackets for the bathroom window as the weather allowed.

On Tuesday (08-13) I rang the supplies to ask if the wider windows (PK08) were in. They weren't but the special order top-hung window to replace the ruined south window for the main bedroom was in, though. I was really pleased that it was in early until I realised that actually it was already the 13th which had been its scheduled arrival date anyway. Obviously I went and collected it immediately.

Wednesday the 14th was a good day: I replaced the frame from the ruined window with the new frame then fitted the new sash all in one day as it all went very smoothly. Actually, it was quite a short day and I would have fitted that window's bib as well but the breeze was picking up so I went home and cut the lawn instead. That was a definite confidence boost.

Left to right, small bedroom window, bathroom window, tapes over where the bracket tops have been nailed for the kitchen window, main bedroom south window, main bedroom east window:

It was wet and/or breezy for the next few days. On Monday (08-19) I went to Inverness for clothes and book shopping. On my way home I got a call from the supplier to say my last three windows (the wider PK08 ones) were in but that there was no room in their lorry for it to be delivered the next day (they normally come my way on Tuesdays and Fridays) so it'd be Friday. I didn't want to collect these windows as they're a bit wider and I wasn't sure they'd fit easily in my van and would probably be awkward to get out on my own, even if they did.

On Tuesday I fitted the bibs on the main bedroom windows.

I'd already done the framing on the inside for the kitchen window but I was reluctant to cut a hole in the roof until I had the actual window to hand just in case of any misinterpretation of dimensions. It'd be a nuisance to have to replace the framing, replacing significant amounts of the roof would be much worse.

It occurred to me, though, that I didn't actually need the whole window for a useful fit check. Velux supply an insulating collar which fits between the window and the opening. Accordingly, on Wednesday 08-21 I went over and collected one of the three PK08 insulating collars, fit checked it against my framing (which fitted as I'd been 99% confident it would), cut the hole in the roof and added some of the membrane. By that point the breeze was picking up making it awkward to fit the membrane up the side so I stopped there.

Thursday was too breezy for anything useful so I just aired the house out and did trivial things like clean the tape glue off my scissors. Friday was a bit better so I finished off the membrane round the window. Membrane and insulating collar:

About three in the afternoon the delivery lorry arrived with the last three windows and the battens ordered earlier. By the time I'd got them all into the house in sensible places it was gone 6pm so I packed up for the day.

Today (Saturday 24th) was forecast wet on and off so I just went up to the site in a dry bit this morning to air the house out and maybe do some unpacking of the first window. Actually it was dry and not too breezy for long enough for me to get it fully apart and fit the frame into the opening ready to lift the sash tomorrow if the weather has read the same forecast as I have.