Using Clamps To Separate Scaffold Bits

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Most people are familiar with the sort of clamps used for wood but some might not be aware that, as well as being used to clamp things together, they can also be used as spreaders to push things apart.

This is done by removing the fixed part from one end and fitting it facing away from the moving bit on the other end. Here's a 300 mm bar set up as a clamp and a 600 mm bar set up as a spreader.

I've used this a lot throughout the build, particularly for holding blocking tight against the timber I-beams while nailgunning it. What hadn't occurred to me until David Wright emailed the suggestion this morning was to use them to split up the scaffolding. Normally it comes apart easily enough with a bit of wiggling but yesterday that was a problem as wiggling the parts was scuffing the window frame as I tried to dismantle the tower in the confined space near the window.

Indeed, my clamps just fit between the 250 mm centred rungs of my tower, with about 15 mm to spare…

…and push the sections apart nicely.

Thanks David.

Another thought I've had overnight is to keep the chain hoist on the room side of the scaffold tower and run the rope down to another pulley block at the bottom of the tower then up to the hoist. That should give a bit more room to turn the window to get it up through the frame.