The Front Fell Off

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As expected, I took a rest for the less good weather around New Year then got on with putting the window in. tl;dr, I got the window in then it fell out again.

The windows weigh about 50 kg each. I can pick them up and move them a bit but not any distance and not in awkward circumstances. So, actually before Christmas, I moved the first one in to the house on a little trolley using planks as rails:

In unpacking and separating them I managed to break a little plastic clip on the top:

That'll need replacing but you can still latch and unlatch it so it's not urgent to sort it out.

I got the frame off the sash and fitted in the wall. You're supposed to just put two screws in horizontal slots in the top leaving them about 10 mm proud to allow the frame to be squared up. But that's assuming the whole thing is resting on a sloping roof, not in a vertical wall so I screwed them in nearly fully, initially.

My neighbour came by and helped me lift the sash in. We lifted it onto the window sill between us then I went outside and lifted the bottom (it's put in upside down initially) up and got it engaged on the pivot mechanism.

He then went off and I started squaring up the frame. I got it about half way to right but needed to loosen one of the screws to move it further then thought closing the latch would help hold it squarer. As I pushed on that the whole lot fell out. Luckily a) nobody was in the way and b) the scaffold tower caught it so the glass didn't break and there's only a few dents, very twisted bottom brackets and a rather messed up bar on the scaffold tower.

I've got it back in the container (with the help of my neighbour, again) and straightened up those brackets. Further contemplation is required. And longer screws.