An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

Bit too breezy today for me to be happy getting my scaffold tower out so I popped over to Thurso for some 30mm galvanised twist nails and general shopping then took some photos on the way home.

They're expanding the Causeymire wind farm which looked quite nice in the sun against the clouds. Click to embiggen.

Seeing the blades lying like that, looking like glider wings being rigged or derigged, reminded me that my gliding friends were probably having a good day at Aboyne. Click to embiggen.

Just south of Latheronwheel I stopped to take a few pictures looking north east up the coast. Click to embiggen a lot (2.5 MB).

You can see my house from there, if you look very carefully at the big version. On the horizon, left of centre, are the 9 turbines of the Burn of Whilk wind farm. My house is the red blob below and to the left of the left-most of those, just in the cloud shadow.