Perihelion Review

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Another wet and windy day so I've just been doing a little review of where the time's gone on this here house build and thought it'd make a useful reference.

These aren't all the blog posts on the house, just a few characteristic of key phases.

2013-09 Plot purchase completion.
Pre-planning enquiry response.
2014-02 Planning application in.
2014-03 Planning permission received.
2014-05 Access track.
2014-07 Initial building warrant submission.
2014-10 Building warrant issued.
2014-11/12 Founds builder search.
Steel bracket fabrication.
2015-02 Founds.
2015-02/03 Sorting out galvanizing on brackets.
Bracket installation.
2015-03/06 Joiner search (unsuccessful).
Post and beam timber sourcing.
East gable post-base bracket move.
Site blinding.
2015-07 Post and beam fabrication start.
2015-08 Sorting out problems with drilling posts and beams accurately.
2015-09 Got container.
Further frame fabrication and storage.
2016-03/06 Remaining frame fabrication
Frame up permanently.
2016-07/09 Floor edge and cross beams.
2016-11/12 Sheeting for winter protection.
2017-04 Main loft joists.
2017-05 Temporary loft deck.
2017-06/12 Rafters.
2018-01 Sarking, membrane, counterbattens by builders.
2018-03/04 Joists and sarking under east three rooms.
2018-05 Joists and sarking under west three rooms.
2018-06/07 West gable.
2018-08 West gable membrane.