Bedroom Sarking

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In my previous post I'd done the joists for the living room, study and main bedroom and started on the sarking boards under the living room.

Since then I've finished off the living room sarking boards and done the study and main bedroom.

I started on the larger rooms at the east end of the house for two reasons: 1) because lots of timber was stacked at the west end and doing the east end first would allow me to move it only once and 2) because the weather tends to come from the west so I thought being at the sheltered end for the early part of the building season would be sensible.

So, obviously, the winds have mostly been easterly for the last few weeks. It's not been unusually wet but it's been pretty chilly as the North Sea is not warm at this time of year. There are still flecks of snow sheltering on the north side of Scaraben.

It was tee-shirt weather in the garden yesterday when I was cutting the grass but on site later I was still happy with quite a few layers on because of the wind and working in the shade.

Still, the sarking boards for the living room, study and main bedroom are now done.

I also have the timber for the joists of the other rooms (kitchen, bathroom and guest bedroom) to hand: about equal amounts of new, old which has been sanded and old which still needs to be sanded. A cheap petrol generator from Lidl (instead of wearing out my van playing the first stage of a diesel- electric sander) plus a new mask and goggles set which actually allows me to see while using the mask (with previous attempts my breath went into the goggles steaming them up so I finished up not using the mask which is not at all healthy short or long term) makes sanding much less of a hassle.