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So far since the local builders finished with the sarking there's been snow, horrible east winds, me having a couple of short but nasty colds and a bit of chasing the scaffolders to take their scaffolding away but also a bit of progress, mostly on the house floor.

Snow, like this. With unimpressed pheasant, like this. She's one of a clutch of 10 hatched last year, 7 of which made it to the autumn. I've only seen four or five of them together this year but I think the males have got a bit more colourful and struck off on their own.

The most urgent job was to get some temporary protection on the gable ends which took a while waiting for calm days. I put my scaffold tower up one day after some fiddling around and added the nailing plate across the end shown here but there wasn't then enough daylight left to do anything more.

The next day was too windy so all I did was take the tower down again. I did get it done a bit later though, though even that took two (rather short) days: one to do the tops and bottoms and the other with the scaffold tower at lower height but movable to do the middles.

Having got the hang of it all and with the days getting a bit longer, I did the other end in one day. Which is just as well as there haven't been any other calm-enough days.

In between that excitement and the weather I got on with the floor. I originally ordered all the timber for the floor which was a mistake as it's more stuff to store and move around - I now tend to order about the minimum quantities which I know I'll use in the next week or two, or the minimum for free delivery. A lot of the old timber is now too badly weathered to really be much use (maybe some can go for the planter bed in the greenhouse or something, later) but some is just discoloured on the faces with the edges a bit more pitted and can be sanded up OK.

Still, it's not worth too much effort so I ordered some more joists to finish off the bedroom I started 18 months ago and to do the study and living room. Disappointingly this arrived wet and a bit black in places. I could use all the pieces though some of the off cuts, which I was planning for use as dwangs, will probably just be burned and some of the bits I did use needed sanding in patches.

First four on the north side of the study:

Study and living room. And three joists on the south side of the kitchen done in a moment of absent mindedness:

Study Living room with most but not all the required 19 mm sarking boards nailed to the bottom of the joists:

View from underneath:

It's quite slow to install this sarking. I'd hoped to just lean down and be able to reach under the boards with my nail gun but in practice I've found I'm too inaccurate doing it that way; I need to crawl underneath which is a tight fit in places particularly for the nail gun which needs to be pushed right up to the board to retract the safety thingy on the front in order to get it vertical.

Gaps will grow between the boards as they dry out. Here are the 22 mm boards on the roof the week they were installed, all nicely butted up:

And now, with added gaposis:

The original house design had a specification to deal with that (to prevent wind washing all the lovely heat out of the mineral wool in the floor) but I'm having second thoughts on the details, but that's best left to another post.