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As I said at the end of my last but one house post, I'd engaged some local builders to put on the sarking boards and membrane.

At the time we hoped that it would be done just before Christmas but the weather was horrid so they didn't get done on the previous project before everything stopped for the holidays. I was behind, too, on filling in the dwangs between the rafters so was not disappointed by this.

I finished off most of the dwangs in two very short days of work on January 1st and 2nd, stopped on the 1st by rain and the 2nd by wet gloves and cold hands.

Last Monday (the 8th) I popped up in the afternoon to do the last two dwangs (a little one between the last gable rafters put up and the one on the north side I'd left out to make sliding ridge boards up easier) but found that the builders had started on the sarking as it was too cold to do concrete work on the neighbour's nephew's house down the road.

North side part done with boards left out and doubled up to make steps to work off:

Just put the bottom boards in on the south side to establish the level:

I kept out of the way for the week thinking they'd probably have gone off to get some concreting done on Wednesday and that Thursday and Friday might have been too windy to put up the membrane so was quite pleased when I went up today to see the membrane very prominent just below the skyline from 3.5 km away:

South side:

Inside south side:

Looking up through the bathroom ceiling:

North west corner:

Hopefully, the scaffolding will go some time next week, it's now a month since I asked them to remove it. Then I'll be able to get on with the floor.