Last Rafters

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Got the last batch (of 8) rafters up today.

The local builders have been getting fairly desperate, working on Sunday to plaster the gable end of the neighbour's nephew's house because there have been so few non-freezing opportunities of recent while I spent the afternoon putting up the remaining dwangs needed on the south side of the main bedroom and nailing brackets, etc, needed for the last lot of rafters.

Today was pretty mild for the time of year (about 7 °C) with a light breeze and grey skies but mostly dry apart from a drizzly shower which almost, but not quite, missed us - about as decent as you could hope for, really.

I spent some time in the morning putting up dwangs on the south side of kitchen until the the builders arrived a bit earlier than arranged. We then put up the last eight rafters on the south side of the bathroom and small bedroom.

I added some more nails to make them reasonably secure but my first job for tomorrow is to add a few more, particularly at the top ready for the wind and snow expected later in the week.

So that'll be, give or take a few days, six months since the first batch of beams to make up the rafters were delivered to the site (June 7th). That's a bit longer than I anticipated, and has been, on occasion, pretty depressing. I've been down about it quite a few times with two periods of a week or so when I thought I'd have to abandon the whole project, basically defeated by the weather.