An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

Glanced up from my desk to notice a somewhat larger than normal boat somewhat closer inshore than normal. As it looked mildly photogenic I got my telescope out (Celestron 80mm NexStar refractor - it's f/5 so 400 mm focal length) to play with using the camera on the back a bit more.

It's the Horizon Geobay, a research/survey vessel. (Click for lots more pixels.)

Further out to sea is the tug Kamerina (according to MarineTraffic) trolling up and down towing a barge with the legs for a wind turbine. Those legs are not small - I think most of the yellow bit stays above water with the dark bit sitting on the sea bed some 45 metres down. The turbine towers will sit on top of those, well clear of the sea surface. The tug comes out with two sets of legs and has to float around while the first set is put in place.

It was fairly calm earlier in the week but today it was a bit more splashy: