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Well, the digger arranged for Monday indeed wasn't available. It's a brand new one which went to the Black Isle show last Thursday and was supposed to be delivered to the builder on Friday but didn't actually arrive until Monday evening.

The forecast wind seemed to slip back through the week and reduce so I arranged for it to come, for its first outing, today (Thursday).

They have a smaller digger which I didn't think would reach the heights and distances needed and a bigger digger but that'd need a contract lorry to deliver and remove from site; fine for a big bit of work but very expensive for a day's, so I was very lucky that they've now got this new one. It does, indeed, just reach to lift the mid-point of the rafters above the purlins.

Unfortunately, while we were putting up rafters I was a bit too busy to take any piccies. So … digger with a rafter tied up ready to attach …

…and with three extra rafters put up on the south side and four more on the north side which were done by lunch time.

After lunch I got the driver to scrape away some earth by the parking area to the north of the house. Once this is filled with some hardcore and the container is moved (which won't happen for a while) it'll be easy to drive into the site forwards, turn round by the house and drive back out again forwards; something the planners and roads people were keen on. I always reverse in so as to be able to drive back out forwards but visitors often don't think to do that which could be a bit dangerous. Even so, he was finished and away by 14:10.

Meanwhile, I had quite a bit more nailing to do to secure the rafters a bit better for tonight's and tomorrow's wind.

I'm quite cheered by this as I now have a bit more confidence in the length of rafters needed and it should be possible to get the rest of them up reasonably quickly, depending on the weather. Also, that we got these up in more breeze than I would have dared try to put one up on my own. The wind was a bit of nuisance but only because it made accurate placing a bit more awkward.