One South Rafter Up

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After Wednesday's attempt to get a rafter for the south side up the weather hasn't been great. I did a bit on Thursday and a very short session on Saturday afternoon but that's it.

The digger arranged for tomorrow (Monday) looks like not happening for at least a day or two. Wednesday and Thursday are forecast as too windy for dangling rafters on exposed hilltops.

Today was nice, though. A bit breezy and getting breezier as the day went on but at least the late-afternoon rain didn't show up, so I had another go at fitting that south-side rafter.

This time I clamped it up on blocks to start with to get a bit more height.

Above its intended resting place, with the top end a bit far to the left/west.

But when I dropped it down it finished up a bit high, even without the extra 18 mm thickness of another layer of ridge board.

Closer look with phone camera (to hand while up scaffolding).

So I got it back down again and chopped the end off.

The awkward bit was extracting a 75 mm ring nail on the exact line to do the most damage to my circular saw. Back up again, by which time the sun had gone round quite a bit so better have a view of the reasonable fit from the other side. That's with some scraps of OSB to space it off the ridge board to “simulate” the other bit of ridge board to be added in later.

I had three rafters prepared for the south side. I chopped one of the others down to match this length but was getting tiered and making mistakes so didn't try to do the last one.