An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

I ended last month using photography to work out where to cut the tops of the first two opposing rafters. A couple of days later I got the first four of the rafters up on the north side.

The next day added dwangs (noggins) between them, not too neatly lined up at first but I now have a scheme. After that wind and rain and the odd missed day due to not feeling up to much meant I just did some preparation of the bottom parts of a few more rafters and some bits of ridge beam.

Wednesday the 12th was reasonably calm so I put my scaffold tower up to see what access to the ridge would be like. Here with just the handrails to be added:

Though I'd measured things pretty accurately in drawings I hadn't really appreciated how high the ridge beam would be both above the ground and above the temporary decking I'd put in for the loft floor. I wasn't feeling amazingly happy about the idea of handling bits of ply like this so when the light breeze knocked one of the aluminium handrails off the platform as I was preparing to put them up I took it as a sign that a better plan was needed.

On Monday this week I met a scaffolder on site to discuss what could be done.

That day was too windy for me to do anything at height so I just moved stacked timber out of the way. Tuesday was better so I took down that temporary loft deck then on Wednesday finished moving the timber and generally tidied things up a bit.

On Thursday in horrible weather and today in much better weather his team came along and put scaffolding up.

That should make things easier.