First Ridge Board

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With the scaffolding up it should have been fairly straightforward to get on with putting the ridge board up. Unfortunately, nobody told the weather gods; it's been breezy pretty much all week with not a small amount of rain, on and off.

Last Sunday I got two more rafter bottoms and middles done but definitely didn't feel like waving ply around at height. Thursday was better and I tried to get the first ridge board up but by the time I'd sorted out how to lift it avoiding the sticky-out bits of scaffolding the wind had increased so I packed up.

Today, Sunday, was lovely though with threatening showers on the north Moray coast and to the west. I got the first ridge board up and bolted in place.

It's a bit more banana shaped than is ideal but maybe it'll pull into place somewhat once the south-side rafters are there, too.

For now it's attached with 8 mm BZP bolts which don't count at all in the eyes of a structural engineer. Eventually the job will be done by galvanised nails but they'll need the other boards on the south side “laminated” on first.

Then I tried to put up the next rafter to mark up where its top needs cutting. I didn't get far:

I really couldn't see a safe and practical way to lift it high enough to get over the deck level of the scaffolding. I'm wondering what to do. Maybe getting somebody local with a digger in to crane them into place?

So I just measured down from the existing rafters to cut the tops of three more this afternoon. I'm not sure how that'll work out but it's worth a try. Worst case, those rafters get chopped short to make the north side of the greenhouse.