Noctilucent Clouds

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

Took a while to get settled for sleep last night so finished up looking roughly north out of the kitchen window at around 01:00 BST (00:00 UTC). As it had been mostly clear I'd looked out a few times earlier in the evening in the hope of seeing noctilucent clouds but there'd been some patches of low-level cloud in the way by the time it had got somewhat dark.

I'd seen them a few times before but not been really sure they were noctilucents and not got any pictures. I took a dozen last night but hand-held at substantial fractions of a second exposure meant about half were too wobbly to be usable. Centres of these pictures are about 20° east of north. Canon EOS 1300D with the standard kit lens. Click for larger images.

Two stars are visible (see the larger versions of the first and last pictures). Not sure exactly which but maybe Capella and Mirphak?