An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

As forecast the weekend was pretty breezy. Today started much less so but the morning was wet. It dried up at lunch time so this afternoon I put up two rafters with the intention of marking the tops to cut for the ridge beam.

Up, with scaffold tower under assembly alongside.

I took a bunch of photos, including that one, as the breeze was getting up and I was wondering whether to continue - not being overly keen on being up a high scaffold tower with two not-terribly-secure rafters alongside. Just after taking those pictures I went to adjust the position of the north rafter to tighten it up against the ring beam and lost control of it a bit. The good news was that the rope at purlin level worked to stop it hitting the scaffold tower but I had to pull it right down as manoeuvring it would otherwise have resulted in it whacking the other rafter.

The breeze was freshening steadily - it wasn't just a passing thermal so I packed up at that point.

Looking at the pictures, though, it occurs to me that I might not need to actually be up next to these rafters to mark the cut positions. If I marked the flanges with lines at, say, 10 mm intervals then photographed them reasonably well zoomed in it should be possible to get their intersection positions to near-mm accuracy.

That way I don't have to be up next to the rafters until they're their final shape and have been nailed properly at the bottom and purlin levels.

Seems to be a bit damp and breezy first thing tomorrow but should be better later. I'll give that a try. If it doesn't work I'll likely have nominated the two I-beams to be sacrificed for use as dwangs (noggins) between the others.