Rafter Beginnings

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The first batch of 33 I-beams for the rafters were delivered last week (2017-06-07 Wednesday).

Luckily my neighbour was able to help with the unloading. 8 metres long and weighing over 900 kgs, the pack would have been a pain to shift without his tractor and pallet forks particularly as it was windy and drizzling.

Starting to unpack a few the next day in somewhat better weather.

Chopping up some 9 and 18 mm OSB/3 to use for blocking to beef up the webs where there are point loads.

Cutting out the bottom end of the first rafter.

With blocking in place on this side and one 18 mm piece for the other side to hand.

Quick fit check, of sorts, up against the house.

The structural engineer specified some brackets or other but a bit of rope will be fine, I'm sure.

It's quite high, though.

Since then I've made up three more rafters and added the blocking where they'll be connected to brackets on to the purlins.

The next job is putting them up and marking where they meet exactly to make the cuts for the ridge beam. It was a bit breezy today for that and doesn't look ideal for tomorrow either.