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As mentioned in the last blog post I had the idea of using photography to mark up where to cut the top end of the rafters. It seems to have worked, so far.

The next day (Tuesday) I put markings on the two rafters at 10 mm intervals and put the north rafter up but struggled with the south one. Previously I'd lifted it the last bit up on to the purlin standing on the scaffold tower but decided that that wasn't really a safe thing to be doing. The north one I could put up from ground level as the parking area to the north of the house is about 350 mm above the base level but for the south side the ground is actually lower.

Driving home I decided I'd need to go back to the “cranes” method I previously used for the purlins. The next day the weather looked possible but not great (calm with the odd showers) and I didn't feel too patient so I went to Inverness to try to sort out a problem with my phone SIM. The following day was similar but I still didn't feel up to a possible hassle.

Saturday was too windy. Sunday the wind was forecast to drop a bit but didn't really so I just marked up the first bit of ply to form part of the ridge beam then went to get an 8 mm wood drill, having found the only one that size in my collection was an HSS.

On Monday I put both rafters up and photographed the markings I'd made to show where they intersected. Going up.



Hmmm, that's not much good even if you click through to the medium sized image but zoomed in to full pixels on the original image

is much better. With a few pictures like this from different angles it was easy to measure the intersections which I transferred on to printed images of the ends of the rafters, like this.

That was Monday. It rained Tuesday. Wednesday was dry, and actually quite nice, but too breezy for waving sticks like this around so I just cut the tops to shape

and drilled holes in the ridge beam.

Thursday was breezy with rain later. This morning (Friday) was wettish but it passed through and I got the rafters up and mostly down before the rain came back. I didn't actually get them properly lined up but looking from different angles they seem to fit pretty well.

Tomorrow looks too windy again but should be nice later on for use of these rafters as templates to prepare a few more. It's a bit early to say but it's looking a bit better for next week.