An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

Up on the temporary loft deck, though only a metre or so higher than I've been used to it was quite apparent how much more could be seen into the folds in the ground, particularly in the direction of Lybster. It tempted me to take a few piccies.

These were from Star Wars day (4th of May).

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Looking west towards the next hill, between the site and the A9 with various microwave and TV towers.

Looking north, over my container, towards the old schoolhouse and Rumster forest. Those trees on the horizon are being harvested then replaced by a wind farm.

North east towards the Burn of Whilk windfarm.

A bit more east and, look, a few smaller wind turbines to the north of Lybster.


Looking just east of south from ground level, another small (15 kW?) turbine.