Temporary Loft Deck

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Some progress, but a bit slow. The main job has been putting some temporary flooring up for the main loft area to make doing the roof a bit easier and less scary.

At the beginning of April I put up the (final) joists for that area.

With some noggins (dwangs in Scottish) between.

The plan was to then put some OSB over that but the weather got in the way a bit. Mostly wind but there was a nasty bit of snow around the 24th. It didn't settle at first except on this chap's head.

But it did stick to the posts and beams. One of the things that took a while was that I went off and got a nail gun for the last few noggins in the narrow gaps between the joists under this end where the cold water header tank will be eventually.

It did settle in the evening, though, as shown through the kitchen window.

A couple of days later the weather was much better and I managed to get the OSB up over a few days. My first attempts to lift full size sheets were not successful.

Moving them around on the ground is a tad awkward on your own but not difficult. Getting them up the last metre or so and over on to the roof working from a small scaffold tower was just too tricky to be worth persisting with so I cut them into 2400x600 sheets which I could easily lift by hand.

It's only 11 mm OSB so not suitable for a long-term floor but plenty good enough for a temporary work surface. I've since beefed up the edges a bit, though.